skalpel używany do operacji plastycznych bezpieczne implanty piersi certyfikatu jakości ISO-9001 dla kliniki chirurgii plastycznej gromadziński w poznaniu
Welcome to Gromadziński Medical Group Clinic - a medical care unit where we combine the highest standards in plastic surgery with experience in the field of oncology.
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We offer our patients a possibility to receive treatment including suchdry plastic surgery procedures as: breast augmentation, facelift, nose correction, liposuction, , abdominoplasty, otoplasty and many other procedures.

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We also perform oncological surgery procedures including: breast reconstruction, breast lumps removal, moles and skin tumors removal. We perform the necessary tests, among others, dermatoscopic and histopathological tests.

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Our offer is complemented by a number of aesthetic medicine treatments: Botox, hyaluronic-acid filling, fat grafts, lip enlargement and a whole range of innovative procedures. The most popular among them include face lift using Silhouette-lift method, non-surgical breast enlargement and Surge Wire thread.

We combine precision and beautiful effects of plastic surgery procedures with safety and the latest techniques in surgical oncology.

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